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Forage Oat Blend (1 acre)

Forage Oat Blend (1 acre)

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Some food plot seed companies claim that their oats are the best on the market and have been developed after years of continual research. Real World prefers to educate you with simple truths. We have planted our Whitetail Forage Oats right next to the other oats on the market and could not tell a bit of difference at any point in the testing and neither could the deer feeding in those side-by-side plots. We are pretty confident that most of the oats being sold to whitetail food-plotters are all the same. The difference is in price. When comparing oats be sure to note the quantity in each bag. Keep in mind that these winter hardy oats are not the same as typical “spring oats” commonly sold in local feed and seed stores.

Real Worlds Whitetail Forage Oats come in 50# bags, enough to plant one acre when top-dressed with another product such as Plot Topper. If planting a pure stand of Whitetail Forage Oats, use at least 50# per acre.

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